Fortune Telling

Hi, I am a fortune telling professional based in Thailand.

I believe the success of a person always derived from good planning and innovative thinking. From the view point of fatalism, your life is controlled by your congenital fate.

Feel yourself are in darkness or have a decision to take?
Want to know how different are you from everyone else?
Have an empty feeling, want have change and better life?
No one can give you suggestion or no suggestion seems helpful?
Want to know more information about other people or the person you love?

You don't have to give up! You know you are not incompetent, but need more advices. You know problems are always solved easily when you are looking those from other directions.

I will provide you a detailed forecast report (at least 500 words) for your life or other’s life if you like.

You may even learn something about yourself or other people in analysis. Anyway, I don't expect you have to take every word from me, but I think these are good cues for you to contemplate and plan your future.

If you would like to have forecast report, please send your payment to using PayPal. The fee is USD10.00/person.

Birth date & gender

After payment, email your PayPal payment email address, birth date (year, month, day) and gender (male / female) of person you want to have the report to

Report will send to your email.

Off line consultation:

Green Dragon Temple:
8/12 Sukhumvit Road Sriracha Chonburi 20110 Thailand
Consultation fee: THB 880
Time: Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8.08am to 11.48am
If there is fate for us to meet, we will meet.